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Reactions North America Finalists Revealed

Karen Clark & Company was named a finalist in the “Risk Modeling Firm of the Year” category for the 2019 North America Awards given by Reactions.

When a Major Hurricane Hits New England, the Costs will be Huge

Ms. Karen Clark, KCC CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Dan Ward, KCC Senior Meteorologist, and Dr. Mohammad Shoraka, KCC Senior Flood Engineer, were interviewed by NBC10 meteorologist, Chris Gloninger, about the impacts of a major hurricane in Massachusetts.

California Earthquakes Caused $200 Million in Damage, Report Says

In an article about the Ridgecrest Earthquake, Karen Clark & Company places this disaster in the context of other natural catastrophes and the earthquake insurance market in California. According to KCC, the earthquake will result in less than $40 million in insured loss.

Ridgecrest Quake Insured Losses Less than $40m: Karen Clark

An article discusses Karen Clark & Company’s recent loss estimate for the Ridgecrest Earthquake and findings of a post-event damage survey.

Re/Insurance to Cover Less Than 20% of $200m Ridgecrest Quake Loss: KCC

Karen Clark & Company reports that the earthquakes occurring July 4-5 will result in overall damages of $200 million, of which the insured loss is likely to be less than $40 million.

Modeler Estimates Insured Losses from California Quakes Less than $40m

Karen Clark & Company released an Event Brief that estimates the total loss from the event will be around $200 million.

Ridgecrest, California Quake Insured Losses Under $40m: KCC

The recent earthquakes that impacted southeastern California are expected to cause around $200 million in economic losses but only around $40 million in insured losses.

CAT-I Bulletin: Hurricane Barry

In an article about Hurricane Barry, KCC’s insured loss estimate is referenced while discussing impacts from the storm.

Hurricane Barry Insurance Losses at Least $300 Million, Says Risk Modeller KCC

Karen Clark & Company estimates that the insured losses from hurricane Barry will be around $300 million.

Flash Floods, Power Outages, and Road Closures: Assessing the Damage from Hurricane Barry

Karen Clark & Company’s insured loss estimate of $300 million is referenced in an article discussing the impacts of Hurricane Barry.

Karen Clark & Co. Estimates $300m in Non-NFIP Losses from Barry

Excluding the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Karen Clark & Company estimates insured losses from Hurricane Barry will be near $300 million.

Insured Losses from Barry Close to $300m: KCC

Insured losses from Hurricane Barry will be nearly $300 million and were driven by an accumulation of small losses over a large area, according to Karen Clark & Company.

Hurricane Barry Private Market Loss at Almost $300mn: KCC

Hurricane Barry did not produce as intense precipitation as initially forecast, but the wind and storm surge impacts are expected to cause close $300 million in insured losses, according to Karen Clark & Company.

Hurricane Barry Insured Losses Could Hit $300m

Catastrophe risk modeler Karen Clark & Company has estimated that industry insured losses will be close to $300 million.

Hurricane Barry Estimated as $300m Private Re/Insurance Market Loss: KCC

KCC estimates that the industry insured loss will be around $300 million, including privately insured wind and storm surge damage to residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as automobiles. Considering Barry’s modeled impacts, there will likely be minimal effects on the reinsurance market.

KCC'S Clark: Improving Data Collection in Asia Will Lead to Better Risk Models

At the International Insurance Society's Global Insurance Forum in Singapore, Karen Clark discussed the continuing evolution of cat risk models, KCC's efforts to introduce greater transparency, efficiency and accuracy into the models, and how improving data collection in Asia will lead to better modeling outcomes for the region.

Cat 5 Storm Landfall Near Miami Would Drive Residential Losses of Over $200 bn, Says KCC

The KCC US Hurricane Reference Model Version 2.0 estimates that a strong Category 5 hurricane making landfall in Miami would result in $200 billion in residential insured loss. This extreme event is included in the KCC hurricane model, which has been certified by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology.

Miami Area Cat 5 Hurricane Like Irma Would Be $200bn+ Residential Loss: KCC

KCC catastrophe modeling experts indicate that a Category 5 hurricane making landfall near Miami would cause over $200 billion in insured residential loss, which is one of the extreme scenarios included in the KCC US Hurricane Reference Model Version 2.0. The KCC hurricane model has been certified by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology and was the first new model certified since 2006.

2019 Atlantic hurricane season: facing the eye of the storm

Forecasters are predicting an average or below-average 2019 hurricane season, but it only takes one landfalling storm to make a big difference. Karen Clark discusses lessons insurers and reinsurers have learned from previous hurricane seasons.

Risk modelers take measured view of climate change impacts

Karen Clark comments on the challenges, and potential impacts, of incorporating climate change into catastrophe risk models.

Karen Clark Named the 2019 John S. Bickley Founder’s Award Recipient

The International Insurance Society (IIS) has announced Karen Clark, President and CEO of Karen Clark & Company, as the 2019 recipient of the prestigious John S. Bickley Founder’s Award. Ms. Clark is recognized as the creator of the first catastrophe model and is credited with inventing the catastrophe modeling industry which revolutionized the way re/insurers understand and manage catastrophe risk.

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