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9th Chief Risk Officer Assembly, Produced by Swiss Re, Zurich, Switzerland

Karen Clark delivered the keynote address to the conference, remarking on public-private partnerships in catastrophe risk.

38th Annual Florida RIMS Educational Conference - 2013, Naples, FL

Karen Clark participated in a panel titled "Thinking Outside the Black Box." Panelists discussed the tension between the limitations of models and insurers' reliance on them. Ms. Clark offered insight on more transparent and flexible alternative tools for risk managers, brokers and insurance companies.

Advisen's 2013 Property Conference, New York, NY

Karen Clark spoke on a panel titled, "Big Weather: Have We Entered a New Era of Extreme Events?" Panelists discussed possible causes and the insurance industry's response to apparent changes in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

Casualty Actuaries in Reinsurance Seminar, Southampton, Bermuda

Karen Clark took part in a discussion titled, "Stepping Out of the Model: Estimating Tail Risk via Reverse Stress Testing, Characteristic Events, and Realistic Disaster Scenarios." She spoke to a group of reinsurance actuaries about her work on Characteristic Events, including the methodology, the application, and the benefits of this unique approach.

PCS Catastrophe Conference, St Louis, MO

Karen Clark participated in a panel discussing, "Recollections of Hurricane Andrew – 20 Years Later." Ms. Clark developed the first catastrophe model, which gained widespread use after more accurately predicting insured losses following Hurricane Andrew.

RIMS 2013 Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Karen Clark took part in the panel session, "Think Outside the Black Box of Cat Modeling," and discussed the tension between the limitations of models and insurers' reliance on them, along with alternative tools for risk managers, brokers, and insurance companies that present more transparent and flexible analysis.

BACE 2013 Spring Meeting, Columbus, OH

Glen Daraskevich discussed catastrophe risk management issues and innovative approaches for quantifying and managing risk as part of the regional Buckeye Actuarial Continuing Education meeting of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

NAIC 2013 Spring Meeting, Houston, TX

Karen Clark participated in the Catastrophe Insurance Working Group meeting in which the draft National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) handbook for regulators and current catastrophe legislation and lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy were presented and discussed. She presented approaches for estimating catastrophe losses and the impacts of climate change.

US Public Policy Dialogue, Washington, DC

Karen Clark took part in a discussion hosted by Swiss Re as part of the US Public Policy Dialogue series on the intersection of government, natural catastrophic events and climate change. The event explored how the private market could help the US government manage its exposure to natural catastrophe risks, especially those exacerbated by climate change, and included academics, technical experts and NGO representatives.