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CATLAB Workshop: Tracking Live Hurricanes in Real Time

When a hurricane is approaching the US coastline insurers must start preparing for the storm. While there is always uncertainty with respect to landfall location, intensity at landfall, and overland track direction, RiskInsight enables you to use the most up-to-date meteorological information for planning purposes days before landfall. In this CATLAB workshop, participants learned how to leverage the advanced features of WindfieldBuilder to obtain the most credible information on a hurricane's likely wind footprint over land along with reliable estimates of claims, ground up, and gross losses.

Global Risk Forum, 2016 Davos, Switzerland

Dr. Nozar Kishi presented his paper, Japan Building Vulnerability Characteristics. The presentation addressed the unique characteristics of Japan building vulnerability from both earthquake and typhoon perspectives. It highlighted issues, such as the negative vulnerability correlation between regions prepared for typhoon versus earthquake, construction concentration and co-location of building inventory, and the resonance of 10 and 20 story building response with respect to soft soils in valleys and at 1-sec multiples of the ground motion.

Cat Risk Management & Modelling London 2016, London

Karen Clark presented, "Building bespoke catastrophe models on the new open loss modeling platforms," on March 4. During the session, Ms. Clark addressed how insurers are customizing their catastrophe models on open loss modeling platforms and the additional risk metrics for managing exposure concentrations available on these platforms, as well as the pros and cons of running multiple models versus one open model.

Reinsurance Association of America's Cat Risk Management 2016, Orlando, FL

Executives from Karen Clark & Company participated in a number of sessions at the annual RAA Cat Risk Management conference.