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KCC is Raising the Bar on Catastrophe Models

Based on the most current and advanced scientific research, KCC models are distinguished by their accuracy, transparency, and capacity for customization. By providing the most reliable estimates for losses, numbers of claims, and claim size distributions in high resolution, KCC models can be used as your primary tool for pricing, underwriting, claims adjusting, reinsurance decisions, and portfolio management.

Avoid Surprise Losses and Uncover Opportunities

Catastrophes are like real estate—it’s all about location. While other models prepare you for the events most likely to happen, KCC models prepare you for all possible events. The Characteristic Event (CE) method ensures complete and unbiased spatial coverage in order to identify your exposure concentrations and hidden surprises scientifically and efficiently.

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Leverage the RiskInsight® Open Loss Modeling Platform

RiskInsight is a comprehensive platform with many built-in applications for real-time loss estimation, claims analyses, pricing, underwriting, and management reporting.

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  • Efficiently manage your risk with an entire suite of advanced tools

    Obtain comprehensive risk metrics, high-resolution mapping, customization tools, exposure and loss dashboards, and a live event toolkit—all without having to license multiple products

  • Enhance your financial results with accurate global models

    Utilize the industry-leading, high-resolution catastrophe models for all major perils created by KCC scientists with the most advanced modeling techniques and scientific data

  • Identify concentrations and uncover opportunities

    Easily deduce where and by how much large event losses could exceed your PML as well as where you have lower concentrations of risk and opportunities to grow

  • Customize model components or build your own custom models

    KCC reference models are ready to use and verified to be accurate, but you can customize any model assumptions or build your own models with the same model-building tools used by KCC scientists

  • Visualize your risk at all levels of resolution with global mapping

    Fully visualize the drivers of your risk for more informed decision-making with intuitive exposure and loss dashboards and built-in global mapping

  • Track and accurately respond to live events as they are unfolding

    Stay informed with frequent updates on evolving events with high-resolution intensity footprints and claims and loss estimates

Work Closely with KCC's Modeling and Risk Management Experts

Faced with the increased impacts from catastrophes and an evolving climate, the complexity of risk management decision making has never been greater. To compete requires a trusted partner with the experience and skills to bring clarity to your most pressing challenges and the ability to deliver actionable solutions quickly. From product pricing to strategic planning to optimized cloud solutions, KCC provides a full suite of consulting services to keep you ahead of the market.

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KCC White Paper - The 2023 SCS Season: How Extreme Was It and Why?

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