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Machine Learning

KCC scientists utilized machine learning (ML) techniques in the creation of a more accurate digital elevation model (DEM)

Current Climate Trends

Incorporation of the impacts of climate change captures future storm behavior and potential future losses

Accurate Risk Metrics

High-resolution event footprints provide the basis for the most comprehensive and accurate risk metrics for insurers and reinsurers

Hurricane Harvey (2017)
Houston, Texas

US Flood Snapshot

Devastating flood events have impacted nearly every US region from varied meteorological sources, including extreme precipitation and storm surge. Hurricane Harvey (2017) brought record-breaking precipitation to the Houston area and became one of the costliest tropical cyclones in US history (second only to Katrina) due to extensive flooding. In addition to the extreme rainfall, storm surge flooding impacted much of the Texas coast, with some areas experiencing
inundation levels of up to 10 feet. The KCC US Flood Reference Model considers all possible flooding sources to completely capture the full effects of these events.


Manage Your Flood Risk in the US

KCC utilizes the best available data, science, and technology to create high-resolution, accurate, and transparent global catastrophe models that allow you to make decisions with confidence.