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Regional Variability

KCC engineers develop comprehensive damage functions to account for unique construction trends and codes by location

Spatially Unbiased

KCC Characteristic Event (CE) methodology avoids sampling bias and provides full and consistent geographic coverage

Accurate Risk Metrics

High-resolution event footprints provide the most comprehensive and accurate risk metrics for insurers and reinsurers

M6.1 Cinchona Earthquake (2009)
Cinchona, Costa Rica

Central America Earthquake Snapshot

Most Central America earthquakes are generated via subduction along the Middle America Trench. The KCC Central America Earthquake Model includes subduction zone, crustal fault, and background seismic sources in its comprehensive event set of possible future events. The high-resolution intensity footprints represent realistic rupture scenarios based on the most current research.


Manage Your Earthquake Risk in Central America

KCC utilizes the best available data, science, and technology to create high resolution, accurate, and transparent global catastrophe models that allow you to make decisions with confidence.