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Advanced Physical Modeling

Direct modeling of the atmospheric environment captures the complex structures of extratropical cyclones contributing to wind storms

Unique Construction Types

Vulnerability functions account for construction trends by country, including building codes, building inventory, and construction practices

Accurate Risk Metrics

High-resolution event footprints provide the basis for the most comprehensive and accurate risk metrics for insurers and reinsurers

Cyclone Friederike (2018)
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

European Extratropical Cyclone Snapshot

European countries can be impacted by back-to-back wind storms of significant intensity. The meteorological events that drive these storms, known as extratropical cyclones (ETCs), are challenging to model; minor variability in environmental conditions can have drastic effects. KCC scientists use a physics-based approach to simulate realistic atmospheric conditions in high resolution in order to accurately estimate annual storm occurrence, expected characteristics, and insured losses at the location level.


Manage Your Wind Risk in Europe

KCC utilizes the best available data, science, and technology to create high-resolution, accurate, and transparent global catastrophe models that allow you to make decisions with confidence.