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High-Resolution Data

Radar and satellite data enable the creation of LiveEvent intensity footprints in high resolution delivered with each update

Advanced Science

Numerical weather prediction (NWP) and physical modeling ensures continuous and timely information

Claims and Losses

Numbers, severity, and geographical distribution of claims and losses are provided with each update

Real-Time Data You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Only KCC LiveEvents provide detailed information on event intensities, claims, and losses for all significant events as they are occurring. High-resolution intensity footprints and loss estimates for real events are generated using the KCC reference models, which have been rigorously validated by KCC scientists. This proprietary data is continuously updated as events unfold and has proven to be accurate for individual insurers and the industry as a whole. KCC provides valuable live event information daily for SCS, days before landfall for tropical cyclones, and continuously for earthquakes, wildfires, and winter storms as they occur.

SCS Footprints By 7AM ET Daily

Severe weather occurs almost every day somewhere in the US. By providing loss estimates for all severe convective storm (SCS) activity, even that which does not reach the level of a “catastrophe,” KCC’s daily footprints empower insurers to more accurately estimate their event-level and aggregate losses. These footprints, generated by high-resolution meteorological data from the most advanced models and global sources, are automatically available for download at 7 AM ET daily.

Learn more about the US SCS Reference Model
Daily SCS Footprints

Daily Hail and Tornado/Wind Footprints

Download intensity footprints into RiskInsight for immediate information on how many claims you'll experience that day along with average claim severity and location.

SCS Event Reports

SCS Event Reports and Loss Summaries

Track cumulative industry losses by day, event, month, and year so you're continuously updated on how the SCS season is likely to turn out.

Model Validation

Valuable Information for Model Validation

Compare your actual claims to the model estimates on an ongoing basis to continually verify the accuracy of the KCC models.

Loss Estimates and Ground Motion Footprints for Major Earthquakes

Event briefs offer prompt and insightful reviews of major global earthquakes, including all the information most valuable to insurers. KCC's high-resolution ground motion footprints and locational damage summaries and estimated losses can be strategically utilized for more confident decision making in the immediate aftermath of an event.

Learn more about KCC earthquake reference models
Ground Motion Footprints

High-Resolution Ground Motion Footprints

Receive high-resolution ground motion footprints for major earthquakes based on the best available data and KCC's accurate models

Technical Summaries

Technical Summaries

Better understand the seismic potential of the affected region with technical summaries that describe the plate tectonics, frequency of seismic activity, and notable historical events

Impacts and Losses

Industry Impacts and Losses

Track event impacts with comprehensive summaries and loss estimates, which include damage descriptions and expected insured losses to the impacted area

Tropical Cyclone Tracking, Advisories, and Summaries

KCC's tropical cyclone tracking provides valuable real-time data for insurers as storms develop. High-resolution wind and flood footprints are provided twice daily beginning three days before landfall. (Re)insurers can also create their own landfall scenarios with RiskInsight's® powerful tool Windfieldbuilder.®

Learn more about KCC's tropical cyclone reference models
Storm Tracking

Storm Tracking Beginning Days Before Landfall

Start tracking major storms days before landfall with KCC's meteorological data and estimate damage and loss for the expected impacted areas

KCC Hurricane Laura wind footprint

High-Resolution Wind and Surge Footprints

Utilize high-resolution wind, storm surge, and inland flood footprints based on KCC's advanced tropical cyclone reference models for insights into intensities and loss potential

Claims Losses Table 1

Claims and Average Severity by Intensity

Leverage the capabilities of RiskInsight to visualize losses and claims, numbers and average severity by intensity band, and losses and claims information by ZIP

Daily Winter Storm Information for Ongoing Events

KCC provides daily intensity footprints for ongoing US winter storm events, including those caused by extratropical cyclone activity and arctic air outbreaks. Intensity footprints for wind, snow and ice, and freezing temperatures are generated using high-resolution meteorological data from the most advanced global sources.

Learn more about the US Winter Storm Reference Model
KCC meteorological overview 2x

Coverage for ETCs and Arctic Air Outbreaks

Receive daily coverage for ongoing ETCs and arctic cold fronts, the major meteorological systems most associated with winter perils

Winter Storm Footprints

Wind, Snow/Ice, and Freezing Intensity Footprints

Visualize event severity with high-resolution footprints for multiple winter perils based on KCC's advanced US Winter Storm Model

Industry Losses

Both Individual Insurer and Industry Losses

Keep up to date on event-specific and industry aggregate losses, which are included in KCC's comprehensive Live Event summaries

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Thanks for your interest in this KCC publication. For immediate download access, please provide your contact details.


Thanks for your interest in this KCC publication. For immediate download access, please provide your contact details.


Thanks for your interest in this KCC publication. For immediate download access, please provide your contact details.


Advanced Risk Management Applications

  • Inform executives and other constituents

    Keep internal and external stakeholders accurately informed of likely losses and reinsurance recoveries

  • Track annual aggregate losses

    Keep track of your loss potential even before entering claims and of your loss estimates from all natural perils affecting your portfolio

  • Prepare claims adjusting strategies

    Map your claims and losses to determine how many claims adjustors you will need and where

  • Conduct detailed claims analyses

    Compare your actual losses to expected to determine any areas for further investigation

  • Detect fraudulent claims

    Compare the high-resolution intensity footprints with reported claims to identify potential fraud

  • Continually validate modeled losses

    Continuously validate the accuracy of the models relative to your actual claims experience

Stay Informed with Live Coverage for All Major Events

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