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Advanced Physical Modeling

Explicit simulation of the atmospheric environment captures all the natural phenomena of severe weather

Real-Time Results

Daily intensity footprints allow you to stay ahead of evolving storms by tracking event-level and aggregate claims and losses

Accurate Risk Metrics

High-resolution event footprints provide the basis for the most comprehensive and accurate risk metrics for insurers and reinsurers

Severe Thunderstorm (February 2021)
Oklahoma, USA

US Severe Weather Snapshot

North America, specifically the US, experiences some of the most frequent and intense severe convective storms (SCS) in the world. In fact, severe weather occurs nearly every day somewhere in the US. All the required ingredients—atmospheric instability, wind shear, and lifting mechanisms (such as cold fronts)—are frequently present, especially in Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley, where significant events such as the April and May 2011 Super Outbreaks are most likely to occur. The KCC US SCS Reference Model provides a realistic representation of the impacts from SCS events based on advanced simulations of the actual atmospheric conditions present during severe storms. Plus, KCC provides daily SCS footprints for continuous real-time claims and loss estimations.


Manage Your Severe Weather Risk in the US

KCC utilizes the best available data, science, and technology to create high-resolution, accurate, and transparent global catastrophe models that allow you to make decisions with confidence.