RiskInsight® Open Loss Modeling Platform

A powerful and comprehensive modeling platform including high resolution Reference Models for hurricane, storm surge, and earthquake, unique CE loss analytics along with traditional EP curves, interactive exposure and loss dashboards, and advanced custom model building tools.


In RiskInsight®, the major assumptions underlying the models are completely visible to the user.

Events & Intensities

For each included peril region, RiskInsight has a complete set of reference events. Every event has an ID and the intensity footprint can be displayed on built-in high resolution maps. For example, you can zoom in to see the location wind speeds for the 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 year hurricanes.

Damage & Loss

The reference damage functions by construction, occupancy, year built and other structure characteristics are fully transparent and can be viewed in tables and graphs. The secondary uncertainty is automatically applied in the comprehensive financial model that accounts for all types of policy conditions and reinsurance terms.

RiskInsight® provides the complete transparency necessary to meet growing regulatory requirements, including Solvency II.


All of the major model assumptions can be customized in RiskInsight® based on your own proprietary data, your specialized internal expertise, and external experts of your choosing.

Once you’ve customized your proprietary view of risk, you own it, and it won’t change until you change it—giving you much more control over your risk management decisions.

Create Custom Footprints

RiskInsight® comes with a complete set of reference footprints, but you can create your own custom events in multiple ways. You can load in your own shape files, high resolution intensities, or you can use built-in modules such as WindfieldBuilder® to create intensity footprints with just a few steps.

Build Alternate Views

In RiskInsight®, you have direct access to the frequency and severity assumptions so you create your own “near term” views and special event catalogs to reflect new science on windstorms, earthquakes, and other perils. With RiskInsight, you don’t have to wait for the model vendors to incorporate new science, and you have complete control over your own views of risk.

Customize Damage Functions

With RiskInsight® you get detailed intensity footprints for actual events. Your internal experts can conduct detailed claims analyses to see how well the reference damage functions perform relative to your unique books of business. You can then customize the damage functions to better represent your portfolio of properties.

Because RiskInsight® comes with built-in tools that make it easy to customize event frequency, severity, and damageability, you don’t need specialized computer programmers to build your view of risk.


With RiskInsight® you can build your proprietary view with one efficient and comprehensive platform.

A Complete Toolkit

RiskInsight® is a complete toolkit for exposure data management, modeling, and portfolio reporting.

  • Exceedance Probability (EP) Curves PMLS and AALS
  • Characteristic Event (CE) Losses and Market Shares
  • High Resolution Mapping Down To Location Level
  • Exposure Data Scoring
  • Custom Dashboard Reports

This means you don’t need to license multiple tools, and your modelers and data analysts don’t need to run multiple applications, handle duplicate data entry, and different hardware and software requirements.

Take Control with RiskInsight®

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